Full Name: Chosen by player
Gender: Chosen by player
Race: Human
Class: Soldier, Rogue, or Mage (starting classes chosen by player)

Adventurer (not shown)

Affilation(s): Gusthold
Location(s): Gusthold (base of operations)
The Protagonist refers to the main character of The World That Became. Their appearance can be customized by the player. In future versions, it will be possible for the Protagonist to have children with a romanceable character.


Base ChapterEdit

The Protagonist wakes up in the Base with no memories other than their name. They meet Singer, who shows them the way out after aiding in defeating Assaulter. There, the Protagonist finds themselves in Vindby Ruins, where they meet Fione and has a chance to recruit them into their party. With or without Fione, they exit the area and start their adventures in Osadeva.

Breezeville ChapterEdit

The Protagonist arrives in Breezeville, where they may or may not meet Hunt and Elvira. Upon the request of Gregory Validay, the Protagonist makes their way to Lostward Cave to defeat the bandits using it as their base where they meet Galahad. Galahad, looking for his wife's murderer, they discover that the bandits are the Fleetfeet Bandits. After the group defeats one of their leaders, Aaron Fleetfeet, Galahad agrees to continue helping the Protagonist, in exchange for helping him find the one who killed his wife. As a reward, Gregory Validay gives the Protagonist Gusthold to use as their own. If Hunt has been spoken to before the bandits were defeated, Validay will release him from the dungeons, making him join the party. If Fione is in the party, she will convince Validay to give the party the Sword of Breezeville.

Droptown ChapterEdit

Upon arriving in Droptown, the Protagonist's party are witnesses to a scene unfolding between the humans of Droptown and werd refugees. Upon entering the Magic Shop, the Protagonist overhears the shopkeeper hiring Fugo to retrieve a certain spellbook located in Automaton Alley. Upon arriving at the depths of Automaton Alley, the Protagonist's party are attacked by Auto Gunner. After defeating it. Fugo arrives and reveals that the spellbook has been taken by the Redblade Bandits to their hideout in Droptown, and offers a reward in exchange for helping him acquire the spellbook. Fugo then joins the party after the Protagonist meets up with him in Droptown, and together they enter the Redblade Hideout where they encounter their leader, Raynorth. After defeating Raynorth, Fugo officially joins the party and the Protagonist recieves the Sword of Bifors from Raynorth. At this point, Raynorth can be convinced to either give the Protagonist the Axe of the Tundra or join forces with the Protagonist (causing the Redblades to become guards at Gusthold). The Sword of Bifors can at any time be brought to Elvira, which will make her join the party.

Character CreationEdit

The player begins the game by selecting gender, class (SoldierRogue, or Mage), and appearance for the Protagonist. There are three skin tone variations and eight hair colors, making a total of 48 possible appearances available. By default, the Protagonist is of the hidden Adventurer class which can only be found in the game code, but this is changed to oen of the three default classes during character creation.


Here are some of the Protagonist's possible appearances.